International PR deserves serious attention. It's an essential part of your communication strategy, to create visibility on the Dutch market.

Connect, inspire, impact.

Meet your audience.

Build your community.

Branded content

We deliver branded content to connect, inspire and impact others. We optimise content for a wide variety of online media platforms and print media.

Online magazine

Show your strength. Watch and share it, when and where you want.

Press release

A professional press release. Ready for any media to pick up and publish.


We tell your story like it's our own. Honest, transparent, to the point.


Easily catch up with your subscribers and generate traffic.

SEO content

Findable content is happy content. Let's put yours in the spotlights!


Events bring your story to life. Show what you do, find your audience and get connected.


Engage with your audience. Your expertise is worth a lot. And, you know, it's fun!

Press event

Open your doors and show 'em what you're saying. Literally.

Press trip

Time for something special. Give the media an exclusive story.


Large-scale approach. Great networking opportunity and lots of free-publicity.


Like a masterclass, but more accessible and low-key. Very social event.


We know the agrifood business and love to connect you to our network.