Catch-On is a creative communication agency. A colorful team with unique characters. With always active people who are looking for new challenges and developments.

Esther Rozeboom

The creative connector and hub of Catch-On. Inspires and preferably converts every idea into action, loves #makingwaves. Is pragmatic with an emphasis on teamwork and cooperation. Communicates your message in an energetic and enthusiastic way.
Busy in spare time with family and friends and a never-ending garden project. Motto: attention for people, love for food and enjoying life.

team Catch-On Esther Rozeboom

Arie Kampman

The go-to guy for everything content related. Loves to fix any text that needs fixing. Also has a knack for website building and SEO. Studied journalism.
Is behind the microphone in a few loud bands. Besides that, likes putting on a backpack and going for long walks, reading non-fiction books, visiting concerts, drinking craft beer with friends, gaming and watching all kinds of movies.

Team Catch-On Arie

Leviene Faber

Connects the dots in every project. Knows some about many things and a lot about some. Has a natural approach and always looks to find a different angle. Hospitality is her mission.
Enjoys making people happy, business and private. Loves all Marvel and DC movies, music all day every day, cherishes family and friends, food ('yes please, lots') and her dog Mia.

team Catch-On Leviene Faber

Suzanne Kemper

An all-rounder with an eye for detail. Planning, media and design are her thing. Beside her job for Catch-On, photography is her passion and work. She has lost her heart to making documentaries.
With her family and her dog Q she likes to dive into nature, either to walk or be sportive. She knows how to tackle both in private and work.

team Catch-On Suzanne Kemper

Leoni Marbus

Mainstay in the field of administrative support. Ensures that there is order in the bulky project paperwork within the organisation. Is a committed and creative thinker.
In her free time, she creates stunning cakes and organizes cozy workshops. Loves to go out with her family on vacations in the Austrian Alps.

team Catch-On Leoni Marbus

Catch-On's Kitchen

About Catch-On

Catch-On originally started early 2003 under the name PlusProject – PR with a Bite. In 2015 the name was changed to Catch-On creative communication, as the current PR field requires more and more creative (branded) content. Today, Catch-On is managed by a team whose goal is to help you grow your brand by creating brand awareness, traffic and business results.